Creative Artist / Samira Debbah

Principally working in various media including visual art , Samira Debbah experiments with tools and different color compositions to create  works that express her ideas and her way of seeing the world, with a unique way that represents her.

Originally, she studied egineering and a carrer in entrepreneurship. Then she decided to pursue her dream, which was close to her heart, to become an artist and to continue her passion to create.

Her creations are moving pictures filled with life, where imagination identifies with reality, and an open window that is more real than the light of reality.

For Samira Art is a way to release her feelings and ideas. She focuses more on what she wants to convey as a message through her work. She thinks the content of a work conveys the deeper meaning and message behind the artist's artwork.

She likes to create an art which gives the possibility to the viewer to interpret it according to his perception and his vision. To create a debate between him and his deepest unique interpretation.

Samira, self taught artist based in Morocco has exhibited in United states and across europe. She has also undertaken a number  of private commissions.