How to take care of your leather shoes ?

Take care of leather shoes : To extend the life of your leather shoes and keep them fresh, you must ensure that their shape remains intact. Indeed, leather is a skin, it tends to tighten and wrinkle. To prevent your shoes from becoming deformed you have 2 options:

  • Use newspaper. Crumple ball of newspaper and put it in your shoe. Be careful to fill the tip of your shoe but do not put too much, which would relax the leather.
  • Use a raw wood shoetree (unvarnished). The rigidity of the wood helps maintain the shape of the shoe. Raw wood allows you to absorb the moisture of your shoe.

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Take care of leather shoes

Here are the 4 steps to take care of your leather shoes:

Step 0: Don’t count this one

Before anything else and to avoid terrible damage: protect yourself! If you do the maintenance on a table put some newspaper, and if you do it by putting the shoes on your knees, put an old rag on your pants.

Step 1: Dust / Clean

You must always dust off your shoe before waxing your leather, otherwise you will trap the dirt on the shoe with the shoe polish! Again, here are two solutions to dust off:

  • A clean cloth is enough, if the dirt is a little encrusted. You can slightly moisten the cloth. Wait until the leather is dry before continuing.
  • There are also cleansing lotion, they can clean the leather and remove the previous layer of polish to give them a new skin.
  • You can also clean the threads of the seams of your shoes using a toothbrush. You will have more precision than with a cloth.

Step 2 :Nourish

Apply a nourishing milk or cream with a different cloth. Make circular motions. The idea is to prevent the leather from cracking while nourishing and moisturizing it. Focus more on the front of the shoe, because that’s where all the shocks are concentrated.

If you are picky, you can also nourish the seams of your shoe. To do this, you must spread leather grease always using the toothbrush.

Step 3: Wax the shoe

Waxing your shoes will bring even more shine to your leather. You can take a similar color to leather or, if you’re in Picasso mood, take a different half-tone to get more highlights.

Step 4: Shine

Simply rub with a cloth. Friction will remove excess wax and will polish leather. It is this step that will bring all the shine to your leather. Make energetic movements that follow the lines of your shoes.

And now, having done all the steps to take care of your leather shoes, your shoes are like new. Note that, the more your shoes are marked by the folds the less the result is spectacular. Because the folds break the shine. We must therefore insist on the folds of the leather.

The frequency of maintenance

It all depends on how often you wear the pair of shoes. If you put them daily, cleaning and moisturizing your shoes 2 times a month is a minimum. If you wear them more occasionally (about once a week), you can do the overall maintenance process once every two months.

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